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                       - Ownership


"Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance." These are the payments you make according to how your loan is structured with your bank & tax regulations. Don't forget to exceed the minimal insurance coverage on your policy!

Returns -

The returns you earn will be in the form of rents you collect, or other income (parking, appliances, laundry, etc.). Minus the the expenses from the income & you have your Net Operating Income (NOI).

Property Management -

There will be a property management fee of 5%-8% of gross rents. There are also additional fees that will be charged for maintenance, grounds keeping & even un-expected emergencies (plumbing, electrical, etc.)

Success Factors -

Your success will depend greatly on the team that you put together to guide you from discovery through to management. The idea is to invest, build equity, maintain & upgrade. This takes time, often many years to achieve. Read further for other considerations.

Expenses -

Property Tax will be your largest expense followed by water & sewer expenses. Utilities will also be a top consideration because of the variables (single main property meter, multi-metered units, etc.).