Take That First Step &

Start Growing Your Portfolio

Our internal investment group is one of the most active in San Diego County.

Rest assured, you are surrounded by a Team that has proven to generate results time & time again.

We will provide guidance to you at every step of your transaction.

​*No investment is without risk.



*Not a single investor we have ever worked with in our companies 30 year history started their portfolio with a 50 unit apartment building as their first investment. Many of our clients, colleagues & associates started with a single condo or house, us included!

Surrounding yourself with the real pros reduces your risk. We'll show you the way & we are happy to help you into your first condo. To climb that flight of stairs you must be willing to step on that first step. As soon as you achieve that momentum is when investing gets exciting.

So why do people invest in income property vs. any other investment type?

                                - Getting Started

A couple of the main benefits of investing in income property are as follows - 

Stabilized income deriving from rents which is measured in the CAP rate.

Tax benefits that are not realized in other investment types.

Our Brokerage facilitates numerous single family & land transactions each year for people just like you. We are here to help

with any real estate investment from a Condo in Downtown to a Triple Net property in Hillcrest. - "We Are at Your Service."