Nobody Knows Apartments Better

Looking to earn returns through

apartment investments in San Diego or Orange County? It all starts with that first purchase, then over time you trade into larger properties to increase Cash Flow. 

S & A has closed over 1,000 transactions to date & our clients have earned returns in excess of $1b.

A vast majority of these transactions have been apartments.

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Current Vacancy & Demographics

The 2018 Q-1 vacancy rate

From Q-1 2018 San Diego Counties vacancy rate declined to 3.3% from 3.7%. Increases where experienced in 3 of the 4 unit types which raised the overall weighted average rent from $1,719 in Spring 2017 to $1,793 in Fall 2017. (source; SDCAA)

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Tax Benefits

Everyone needs some write-offs

& the tax benefits that come from owning income producing investment property are hard to beat. Historically speaking, San Diego rents & valuations have doubled every 10 years (there are exceptions).